Tiny Mochis Now Available at Rotofugi

I’m excited to say that a selection of tiny mochis hand-knitted by yours truly are now on sale at Rotofugi, the designer toy store and gallery in Chicago.
Rotofugi features toys and artwork by many of my favorite artists (like Mr. Clement, Shawnimals, and Heidi Kenney), so it’s a big honor to have a small place among them. When I returned on Friday after dropping them off on Wednesday, I was psyched to find my tiny gnomes, vikings, owls, and pandas on a table right next to Chris Uphue’s heart figurines!
It’s never been my aim to produce tons of mochis for sale, but instead I like to have a small selection available at venues that I’m personally excited about, and Rotofugi is one of those. But if you live far from Chicago, you can also find some hand-knit mochis in my shop, which I’ve just updated with more designs! 



Pass The Apple

Tiny hedgehog’s got a date! His plan is to impress his lady hedgehog with this delicious apple he found. Tiny hedgehog is going to be late for his date.

This GIF (starring all new mochis!) was made with help from Maureen Boyle. I also did a "making of" post on the Mochimochi Blog




NYC Gnomes 

Last weekend my husband and I returned to NYC for a visit. It's been a bit less than a year since we moved from there to Chicago, and we couldn't have picked a better weekend to see friends and enjoy the city. 

On Monday I found myself with four spare gnomes and a few spare hours in the city, so I decided to revisit four places that are meaningful to me and set a gnome free at each spot. I may no longer live there, but there’s no reason why a few of my gnomes can’t be New Yorkers!

Gnome #1 started his NYC adventure in Columbus Circle, which was my main hub when we lived in midtown Manhattan.


Other gnomes were set free on the High Line (which represents everything cool and beautiful and ambitious about NYC), in Prospect Park (which I visited almost every day during the four years that I lived in Brooklyn), and on Elizabeth Street (where I got my first job out of college). 

I liked the idea of leaving these guys around the city for anyone to stumble upon and take home. I didn’t attach any kind of tags to the gnomes—I wanted the people who found them to just enjoy the discovery and the mystery. (I did share each of these photos on Instagram and Twitter in real time as I left each gnome behind.) 

A part of me will probably always miss living in NYC, but it’s neat to think that the city and I will continue to have a connection via my little bearded ambassadors of Mochimochi Land.


The Biggest Twig

Another piece of The Wooly Woods is in progress! This one is the biggest yet, found in Chicago's River Park, which is where I run every morning. (Turns out that Chicago really is a windy city, and there are plenty of fallen twigs and branches to be collected!) 

With all the mild weather this summer, I've been spending many late afternoons in the backyard, wrapping and wrapping until the whole thing was wrapped. 

The twiggins who will live in this piece of the Wooly Woods are underway as well.

And now comes the fun part: playing around with the pieces to find the right positions for the creatures and inventing the trouble that they're getting into, which will include more characters and woodsy elements. 

This piece will be on display at Vogue Knitting LIVE in Chicago next month, along with some of the pieces from the original 2013 Wooly Woods show in Berlin. 


The Slowest Firecracker

Happy Fourth! (Don't try this at home!)