New Birthday GIFs

It was my birthday on Friday (a Friday the 13th birthday, my favorite!), and this year I decided to give myself the gift of taking some time out from the week to create some birthday-themed GIFs starring the gnomes wearing, appropriately enough, their birthday suits!



I'd been meaning to make birthday GIFs for a long time, so this was as good a time as ever to accomplish it. You can find and share these with your friends via the Mochimochi Land GIPHY page.
I don't usually have such a public birthday, but it was wonderful to get so many happy returns from people on social media. I also celebrated by going out to a fancy lunch with my husband, John. It was a good day!



Abracadabbit's Hat Trick

Happy Easter and Happy April Fools Day! Abracadabbit the amateur magic rabbit has a hat trick for us—the longer video is below. 

Thank you to John Teti for music and sound. 



Alpaca Smacka

Love rhymes with alpaca ๐Ÿ’•


Happy Valentine's Day!
Music by R Warner. Thanks to John Teti! 



Seize The Awkward

It's awkward to talk about mental health, but it's so important to check in with your friends about how they're doing. That's the theme of the new #SeizeTheAwkward campaign that I was happy to contribute to with this image, commissioned by Droga5.


You can find more information on the website, and see more #SeizeTheAwkward posters by cool artists on the project's instagram



Season's Greetings

Wishing all you special snowflakes a happy holiday season and a bright 2018! 

Music by William Steffey. Digital effects by Maureen Boyle