The Gnome Genome Project

I'm very pleased to announce a new Mochimochi Land solo exhibition opening Saturday, May 23rd at Everyday Mooonday in Seoul. 

This show will be different from my previous solo ventures—instead of one installation, it will comprise knitted gnomes in a variety of forms—two-dimensional, sculptural, gnomes depicted in scenes, and stand-alone gnomes in unusual forms. There will also be a large collection of "gnome diplomats" knitted and crocheted by people all over the US and other countries. 

Here is my introduction to the exhibition. 

The Gnome Genome Project 

Mochimochi Land 

In Mochimochi Land, it is commonly believed that gnomes are the glue that holds the universe together, from the subatomic to the cosmic level. Gnomes (sometimes spelled knomes) are neither male nor female, and once mature, they are ageless. To those who live in Mochimochi Land, they represent wisdom, tradition, mischief, and magic. These are properties that they share with the craft of knitting. 

In our world, gnomes are generally associated with northern European folklore, but they appear in many stories from various cultures, where they take on all manner of personalities, from good to evil. In Mochimochi Land, gnomes are neither good nor evil, gnomes just are. They’re busy, weird, playful, and quick to love or fight. 

This exhibition is a celebration of gnomes to an almost obsessive degree. It also asks: What do gnomes do when no one is looking at them? How much can a gnome be twisted, morphed, or given a costume change before it’s no longer a gnome? What do we see of ourselves in the gnomes that we make? Is there such a thing as too many gnomes? Where the heck will all of these gnomes end up? It may all just be a big silly joke in the end, but for now it’s time to go gnome or go home!

Anna Hrachovec
Mochimochi Land
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More photos from the show will be coming once it's up! 




Adventures in Mochimochi Land: Official Trailer

I’m excited to share an official trailer for my new book, Adventures in Mochimochi Land!



So that's a little taste of the fun that’s coming June 9th. You can also read a preview of the first story in the book here

Adventures in Mochimochi Land is coming out June 9th! It’s now available for preorder from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, and from Powells, among other places. Signed copies are also available for preorder from me in the Mochimochi Shop. Or if you have a local bookstore or yarn store that you support, please ask them if they’ll carry it! 

Thanks to Maureen Boyle for putting the trailer together!


Funky Fleece 

There are many uses for wool in Mochimochi Land! (Too many, maybe.)


I made this with help from Maureen Boyle. Funky music by William Steffey.


Character Portraits Book

I'm thrilled to have my work featured in Pictoplasma's new book Character Portraits


As you can see, the gnomes are thrilled too! 

Gnomes looking at gnomes looking at gnomes looking at gnomes... I like this theme becuase it reminds me of how I'm constantly making stuff that looks back at me. 

The image is of the Gnome Team Selfie I made for Pictoplasma's Portrait Gallery in 2014. The book is full of portraits of all manner of characters by some wonderful artists whose work I look up to. Get it on the Pictoplasma website



Happy Baa-lentine's Day



When love is in the air in Mochimochi Land, the results come quickly. May love blossom all around you this weekend!

Animation made with help from Maureen Boyle.