New Animation: Peak Alpaca

Made with help from Maureen Boyle; music by William Steffey and Tim Koelling.

This is the third in our tiny sheep trilogy: also see Happy Baa-lentines Day and Funky Fleece.


Group Show: Hello Kitty & 99 Friends at PiQ Grand Central, NYC

Sanrio has now created a total 100 adorable characters over the years, and to celebrate this achievement, PiQ has invited 100 artists to each re-create one of them in their style. I was thrilled to be invited to participate in this group show, and for my character I chose a little-remembered group called Polar Picnic. 

There aren’t too many images of thee guys online, but it seems that there are always a few listings on Ebay, so that’s where I started. 

Penguins and Polar bears are right in my wheelhouse. Here’s the Mochimochi Land version. 

I couldn’t resist include Kitty Chan herself—she’s hiding toward the back of the piece, disguised as a snowman. 





Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity

The Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity arrived on my doorstep in December, and I can't believe I just now cracked it open. 


I'm so impressed with how Janine Vangool put this thing together—it's not just photos and interviews, but fully realized profiles with beautifully designed layouts. And I was surprised to find my work toward the front of the pack!

I'm looking forward to browsing the other artists featured. You can purchase the Compendium from Uppercase




Group Show: Playful at Melbourne’s City Library

There's lots going on in Mochimochi Land suddenly (including a new human baby)! Coming up soon is the group exhibition Playful, at Melbourne's City Library April 2-29th. 

The work I’m contributing are gnomes from 2015’s Gnome Genome Project, but I also made these tiny eggs with legs to go in a capsule machine that the show will include.

Here’s all the show info: 


Celebrating National Youth Week 2016 at Melbourne Library Service 

Opening: 7 April, 6-8 PM

Location: Gallery at City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Exhibition dates: April 2 – 29, 2016

Curated by: Sophia Cai

Artists: Anna Hrachovec (USA), Ashley Ronning, Beci Orpin, Christina Gordon, Cat Rabbit, Evie Barrow, Erica Fustero (Spain), Hiné Mizushima (Canada), Holly Leonardson, Isobel Knowles, Kenny Pittock, Luke Temby, Misako Mimoko (Spain), Philippa Rice (UK), Rosaleen Ryan, Soreureubear (Korea), Tessy King, Yiying Lee

PLAYFUL is a group exhibition that celebrates the power of play and imagination. Curated by Sophia Cai for National Youth Week 2016 at Melbourne Library Service, City of Melbourne, PLAYFUL features leading Australian and international artists with works in soft sculpture, ceramics, textiles, toy design, animation and illustration.

PLAYFUL is an exhibition that encourages fun and play. Come along to a series of four curated workshops during the month of April, and learn from artists Beci Orpin, Kenny Pittock, Luke Temby and Holly Leonardson to sew, sketch, make and cut your own works of art. (Workshops for ages 15+).

Local small press Helio Press and Sophia Cai are also producing limited edition catalogues for the exhibition that feature colouring pages by more than ten artists. Last but not least, the exhibition is also home to the exclusive PLAYFUL Gashapon toy vending machines, co-curated by Rosaleen Ryan. Bring $2 coins to join the fun!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


2015 Holdiay animation starring new Mochimochi Land characters the Generosi-trees! Made with help from Maureen Boyle; music by William Steffey.

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