Happy 2015

Happy 2015, year of the sheep! I’m taking that as an auspicious sign for Mochimochi Land. 

This year I want to focus more on projects that truly excite me, and I want to get less distracted by the shorter term stuff.

Exciting things are in store for 2015, including: 

– A solo show!

– A new book! (Which you can already preorder if you are so inclined.) 

– Other things! 

I'm also aiming to update this website more often. I'm definitely in the habit of ignoring it and focusing on my other website (which has a much bigger audience), but that's not a reflection of my overall interests and goals. Or I might change up my other website to incorporate more art and be less knitting-centric. Either way, I want to share my work more with people who don't knit, is the point!

Here's to a playful and inventive 2015!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


2014 Nickelodeon Reel

In November I had the pleasure of knitting characters and props for Nickelodeon for the second year in a row! The resulting animated IDs are now airing on the network during commercial breaks, so you’ll probably catch one if you tune in this month. 

Here’s a reel of all the new IDs.

Anna Hrachovec for Nickelodeon: Holiday 2014 IDs from Anna Hrachovec on Vimeo.


I didn’t participate in the animating process this time, but of course the Nick promotions team did an excellent job without me.


Big thank-yous go to Matthew Duntemann at Nick and to my agent Koko at CWC-i for making this project happen!


Happy Holidays from Nickelodeon + Mochimochi Land!

In 2013 I got to work with Nickelodeon on animated holiday IDs using Mochimochi Land creatures and some mochi-fied Nick characters. I’m happy to say that the animations are back on this month, and there are new ones too! I’ll share more soon, but you can also tune in to Nickelodeon to catch them on air.


Don Quixote Scenes for Teatro alla Scala

Earlier this year, Milan advertising agency TITA asked me to create tiny knit characters and dramatic scenes from Don Quixote for a ballet produced by Teatro alla Scala. I recently received samples of the 8"x8.5" brochure that my photographs became, which was distributed to the ballet audience in September. It's such a thrill to see them in print! 

The photos depict the major scenes from the famous story, starting with Don Quixote's literary inspiration, to his adventures with Sancho Panza (knitted windmill included, of course), to his courting of Dulcinea. 

This was the first time that I'd taken on a commercial project that involved my photographing characters in nature—I was really happy to get the experience, and I think the whole thing turned out nicely.  

The rest of the photos from this project are in my artwork portfolio