Funky Fleece 

There are many uses for wool in Mochimochi Land! (Too many, maybe.)


I made this with help from Maureen Boyle. Funky music by William Steffey.


Character Portraits Book

I'm thrilled to have my work featured in Pictoplasma's new book Character Portraits


As you can see, the gnomes are thrilled too! 

Gnomes looking at gnomes looking at gnomes looking at gnomes... I like this theme becuase it reminds me of how I'm constantly making stuff that looks back at me. 

The image is of the Gnome Team Selfie I made for Pictoplasma's Portrait Gallery in 2014. The book is full of portraits of all manner of characters by some wonderful artists whose work I look up to. Get it on the Pictoplasma website



Happy Baa-lentine's Day



When love is in the air in Mochimochi Land, the results come quickly. May love blossom all around you this weekend!

Animation made with help from Maureen Boyle.



Group Show: WonderWomen at University of Minnesota

As it happens, I have work in another group show that starts with a W this month! 

WonderWomen, at the University of Minnesota's Katherine E. Nash Gallery, is a show of works by female artists who are influenced by comics and other pop culture. I sent them some animations from the past year and this assortment of tiny mochis. 

But I'm burying the lede here: I'm in a group show that also contains work by Alison Bechdel! Along with others whose work I admire, and others whose work I look forward to exploring. Here's a closer look at the show information: 



January 20 - February 14, 2015

Katherine E. Nash Gallery

405 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Group Show: White Monsters at Everyday Mooonday 

I'm thrilled to be a part of White Monsters, a group show opening on January 9th at Everyday Mooonday in Seoul.  

The theme of the show is self-explanatory, and as you can see, I'm in extremely good character-artist company! 

My own white monster is named Big Thwicked in Thwhite (Thwilla).


Thwilla is an extra-large thwicked, so she's extra cute and cuddly, and also extra evil. She gets her rainbow colors from all the candy creatures that she eats in Mochimochi Land. 

White Monsters

January 1 - February 22, 2015

Everyday Mooonday

9-17 Songpadong, Songpagu,
Seoul, Korea