Anna Hrachovec is a toy designer and artist living in Chicago. 

With her knitted characters and installations,  Anna embraces familiar cultural touchstones - from everyday objects to fairy tales and urban myths - and twists them around with playfulness and a few carefully placed stitches. Her ever-expanding imaginary world, Mochimochi Land, is a squishy realm of chaos whose mixture of humor and pathos reflects our own reality.

With her knitting website and pattern books, Anna has inspired knitters worldwide to build on her designs and create worlds of their own. 

Her character-based art has been exhibited in the US, Germany, The Netherlands, and Japan. 



For commercial inquiries, please contact CWC International.

You can also contact Anna at anna [at] annahrachovec [dot] com.

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Recent Exhibitions

"The Wooly Woods," smallspace gallery, Berlin, April 2013 [Pictoplasma Festival]

Laterna Magica film festival, Marseille, December 2012

"Luv-able + Hug-able" (group show), gallery hanahou, NYC, December 2011-January 2012

"Gnomes vs. Snowmen: The battle for Mochimochi Land," gallery hanahou, NYC, November 2011 [Pictoplasma Festival]

"Mochimochimochimochimochi," Lion Brand Yarn Studio, NYC, August-October 2011

"Mochimochi Worlds," smallspace gallery, Berlin, April 2011 [Pictoplasma Festival]

"Luv-able + Hug-able" (group show), gallery hanahou, NYC, December 2010-January 2011

"Greetings from Mochimochi," gallery hanahou, NYC, October 2010